Reading, like any skill, is learned, trained, and mastered.

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In this short blog post, I want to take on a belief that far too many of my students have when they come to my course, and that is the notion of reading being a skill that you learn once and will then be fixed and unchangeable. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

Reading, like any skill, is learned, trained, and mastered.

Reading, like any skill, gets better with the amount of time we apply to reading in our daily life. If you hardly ever read, don’t expect that you enjoy reading or that you possess great reading skills.

A man who reads one book a year does not have the same reading skills as a person who reads one book a day.

In sports, the key to success is training and applying the trained methods, again and again, until we master them. This same principle applies to your reading skill.

To the same effect, if you only read fiction, you’ve mastered reading fiction in no time. But if you change genre and begin reading non-fiction, you’ll leave your comfort zone and find that your reading skills aren’t as effective in handling non-fiction. You will then need to train reading in non-fiction to gain the skills needed in that material.

The same principle applies to sport. A skilled basketball player might not be as effective when playing golf or baseball. The reason simply is that each sport requires unique skill sets.

In reading, we need to apply particular skills when reading different material. These need to be trained for us to be effective readers.

In the next few months, I will post various tips on becoming a more skilled reader. No matter if you are a fan of fiction or non-fiction. If you read for fun, work, or for school, these tips will help you on the way to becoming a much better, more skilled reader. Allowing you to read with more enthusiasm, focus, and enjoyment than ever before. If you want to receive more tips like this, sign up and subscribe to stay connected.

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