Testimonials - What Are People Saying?

Here you will find just some of the testimonials that my students have given over the years.

“I can without a doubt recommend this course to anyone who needs to get through the immense quantity of information in just a short time while maintaining excellent comprehension. Thanks to this course I now have more time to spare for me and my loved ones.”

Aldis Arna Tryggvadottir, 27 year old Stock Analyst.

“This course has increased my reading speed even though it had been quite good before.”

Elisabet H. Salvarsdottir, 29 year old Marketing Specialist.

“This is a very good and to-the-point course which everyone should make time for. To be able to double, triple, or quadruple your reading speed is astonishing. I need to read a lot in my work and this course has allowed me to get through this material faster and better than before. Thank you.”

Atli Tor Kristbergsson, 36-year-old IT manager.

“This is a very focused and good course. The preparation is excellent. It’s comprehensible. And the results exceeded my expectations.”

Eva Einarsdottir, 36-year-old Business Analyst.

“It was a surprise how much you can increase your reading speed. This is a great and simple way to increase your work productivity.”

Audbjorg Olafsdottir, 28-year-old Economist.

My name is Katrin and I would like to share my experience with you. I am known as a very good student and began my Masters studies abroad in the fall of 2013. The studies are very exciting, and I love what I am learning here, but I have to say that I was a bit shocked when the reading material was introduced to us. The amount of reading that I needed to go through each week was immense and as the semester progressed, I saw that it would be impossible for me to allow this to go on like this. But what could I do? I had always been meaning to go to a speed reading course, but I had never actually gone to one. Now, I was away from home, abroad, and did not know where to go to find help. It was then that I saw that (SpeedReadingSimplified.com) was advertising their 1-on-1 coaching online. I got in touch with them immediately and got everything I needed sent to me right away. Jon, the teacher, welcomed me with open arms and we created a schedule to fit my very precise needs. In no time at all I had tripled my reading speed in English (my non-native language). Study texts that took me more than 4 hours to read through before - now I only need close to 60 minutes. I was learning statistics and when my fellow students learned that I had read my book on statistics, they were speechless, nobody had even tried to read that book! I am enjoying my studies now more than before, and the only thing I regret today - is not taking this course much earlier. It was great to be able to learn online and the service was very personal and helpful. I received great advice that will help me in my future studies. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Katrin, 39 year old Masters degree student

I can't recommend this 1-on-1 coaching enough! This has been perfect in all ways possible and Jon is an exceptional coach. The coaching was far and above my expectations and I was able to multiply my reading speed many times over in only 3 weeks, which will help me immensely, both at work and in my future studies.

Brynjar Orn Sveinjonsson, Pilot.

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