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How Fast Do You Read? - FREE ONLINE COURSE

Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to find out how fast you read today! I will then explain why it is important for you to know this - and how reading speed affects your comprehension and focus while reading.

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Do YOU Want to Gain Better & More Focused Reading Skills to Achieve More Success, Freedom, Time and Focus in Your Daily Life?

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Speed Reading Teens - a course for 13-16-year-old teens!

More Reading Speed = More Focus + More Comprehension! Improve Your Reading Skills, Study Skills & Notetaking Skills!

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3 week Comprehensive Speed Reading Program - for College or University Students!

More Reading Speed = More Focus + More Comprehension! Improve Your Reading Skills, Study Skills & Notetaking Skills!

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BOOKWORMS! - How to Encourage Your Child to Read & Ignite a Lifelong Passion for Reading!

A Course for Parents of  Children age 13 and younger.

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- a 4 week Comprehensive 1-on-1 Online Speed Reading Coaching Program to Upgrade Your Reading Skills - along with your Study Skills, Time Management Skills, Test Taking Skills & Note Taking Skills - while Reading!

"I am doing way better in school now. This course has helped me so so much. I have never been as fast studying as I am now. I am doing way better in school and I have much more time on my hands. I do highly recomend this course for everyone"


"I have finished all the speed-reading courses and other courses regarding education and reading (study technique, how to take exams, do the homework, make the study plan, time management etc.) held by Mr. Bjarnason. All those courses really surprised me! The speed-reading course taught me a lot and opened my eyes to books and education. It also gave me better opportunity to read everything regarding my hobby, which is business! (that´s a lot of books!). I use the speed-reading technique every single day. When using Facebook, Gmail, reading the news or just reading information brochures. I use much shorter time to study and my concentration is 100% now. My school grades went up and my confidence to study everything is totally different. YES I can and YES you can! Mr. Bjarnason is a very good teacher. He knows how to be a student and he can easily put himself into the students shoes. Mr. Bjarnason has taught these courses for many years and has good overview of the speed-reading process. The quality of his teaching method is fantastic. Thank you very much for the best investment in my life!"


"My only regret is not taking the course sooner! One of the best decisions I ever made! I have used the skills gained in this course to take me through both a BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a MSc in Medical Science. Working towards a PhD in Microbiology and it does not go to stress how important I find it to be able to get through reading material fast and efficiently! Thank you!"


"Good techniques but regular revision needed for continuing results Doubled my reading speed through the application of relatively simple techniques showed during the course. However, if you want the results to last, you have to revise, which I have not. Helped me a lot through courses at graduate school where intense reading was a expected daily."


"Worth every penny. To attend the speed reading course is without a doubt one of the best desicions I´ve made in my life."


"New technique. Attended a weekend course in 2012 and my reading speed increased enormously in that short time. My technique changed which helps me a lot."


"Amazing course. This course excited my expectations so much i multiplied not only my speed of reading but in the same time i understood and remember what i read much better. Thank you so so much for this course i can say that everyone should take it thats my opinion!"


Speed Reading Simplified for Beginners: How You Can Double Your Reading Speed With an 8 Minute Exercise!

- Along with 7 Bad Reading Habits & 7 Common Misconceptions That People Have About Reading.

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FREE Reading Resources

Bad Reading Habits - Video Series

Here I will look into 3 Bad Reading Habits that many people have - and how they might be holding them back!

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Common Misconceptions - Video Series

Here I will look into 3 Common Misconceptions that people have about reading - and how that might be holding you back!

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Reading Tips and Tricks -

Here you will find a page full of FREE Reading resources - my treasure trove of reading tips and tricks that I have available for you!


Private 1-on-1 Online Coaching Sessions
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