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The - 'SIMPLE Speed Reading Exercise - I introduce in my LIVE classes can be found in...

...my book - 'Speed Reading Simplified for Beginners: How You Can Double Your Reading Speed With an 8 Minute Exercise!
- Along with 7 Bad Reading Habits & 7 Common Misconceptions That People Have About Reading."

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Af hverju er þessi bók fyrir þig?

Speed Reading Teens
- a course for 13-16-year-old teens!

  • All the steps you need to gain more focus and comprehension in any reading material - even your textbooks or study material!
  • Take on any studies - with the right tools for any reading assignment!
  • Is Dyslexia, lack of focus, ADHD or ADD giving you a hard time?
  • Get the right tools for any study material!
  • 10+ Hours of Video Content!

  • 3 Speed Reading Exercises!

  • Access Anytime, Anywhere!

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Í bókinni skoðum við meðal annars...


  • a 4-week Comprehensive  Coaching Program to Upgrade Your Reading Skills - in the reading material that means the most to you!
    - A Reading Program Tailored to Your NEEDS!
  • Do you want to be able to read three times faster than you do today - with better comprehension and focus?
  • Do you easily lose focus while reading - and begin to think of something else?
  • Do you feel - because of work, studies, or in your personal life - that you need to be constantly upgrading your skills or know-how?
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Hvað ætlum við að skoða í bókinni?

A Coaching Program for Parents of Children age 13 and younger.

  • Do you want your child to read more?
  • Do you want your child to read for their own enjoyment?
  • Do the reading habits of your child concern you?
  • Are you wondering what more you can do to encourage your child to read?
  • Do you want a simple step-by-step process to kindle their passion for reading?

If you can say a heartfelt - YES! - to any of these questions, then this 6-week comprehensive reading program might be just the thing that you need.

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Kay C.

"Speed Reading Simplified is perfect for anyone who aspires to become a speed reader. True to its name, SRS makes speed reading so easy to learn: the instructions and exercises are so simple that you'll just get into its rhythm. Jon teaches the classical method of speed reading, and in my experience, it is the most effective one. I have immersed myself in various speed reading programs and unlike any other program, SRS does not just throw around theoretical concepts at you and tell you to discover your own style of speed reading. For coaching, Jon actually takes his time to get to know what you need and tailor fits his lessons so that you'll receive optimum results. He has been in the business for a long time so rest assured, you are in safe hands. He is also very passionate about speed reading (or learning, in general) and it reflects in the way he teaches his students. Truth be told, he is one of the best teachers I ever had and that says a lot because I'm already in my postgraduate studies."

3 week Comprehensive Speed Reading Program
- for College or University Students!

  • Do you have a long reading list of books that you haven't read yet in your studies?
  • Do you need to read a lot - but it takes two hours - or more - to finish each chapter in your textbooks?
  • Do you lose focus while reading - and begin thinking of other projects or books you need to go through?
  • Do you need to take notes - but don't know how - or given up on taking notes - since it takes a lot of time?
  • Do you need more time for yourself - and less time spent on your study material - because of work or family?
  • Do you have a lot of extra-curricular activities or strenuous and time-consuming training - and just need a lot more hours in your day to cope with your schedule?

If you can say a heartfelt - YES! - to any of these questions then this 3-week comprehensive speed reading program might be just the thing that you need. 

  • Experienced Teacher!

  • You are in TOTAL control!

  • 60 DAY ACCESS!

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Eva Einarsdottir

36-year-old Business Analyst

"This is a very focused and good course. The preparation is excellent. It’s comprehensible. And the results exceeded my expectation."

Atli Tor Kristbergsson

36-year-old IT manager

"This is a very good and to-the-point course which everyone should make time for. To be able to double, triple or quadruple your reading speed is astonishing. I need to read a lot in my work and this course has allowed me to get through this material faster and better than before. Thank you."

Audbjorg Olafsdottir

28-year-old Economist.

"It was a surprise how much you can increase your reading speed. This is a great and simple way to increase your work productivity."

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Find out how fast you are reading TODAY!

Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to find out how fast you read today! I will then explain why it is important for you to know this - and how reading speed affects your comprehension and focus while reading.

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