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BOOKWORMS! - How to Encourage Your Child to Read & Ignite a Lifelong Passion for Reading!

A Course for Parents of  Children age 13 and younger.

  • Do you want your child to read more?

  • Do you want your child to read for their own enjoyment?

  • Do the reading habits of your child concern you?

  • Are you wondering what more you can do to encourage your child to read?

  • Do you want a simple step-by-step process to kindle their passion for reading?

If you can say a heartfelt - YES! - to any of these questions, then this 12-week comprehensive reading program might be just the thing that you need. 

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9 years experience!

For 9 years I have been teaching children as young as 7 and held specialized reading courses for children age 10 to 12. Where I teach them how to find the joy and passion for reading. 

14 years experience!

I have been teaching Speed Reading for 14 years and have taught more than 15.000 people - from all walks of life - how to gain more focused reading skills to achieve more success, freedom, time and focus in their daily life.

41 years experience!

This course is based on 41 years experience of my company in holding speed reading courses in Iceland and uses a widely known technique to train and exercise an individuals reading skill.

60 years experience!

This course is based on 60+ years of experience worldwide in training and exercising speed reading as a technique to increase reading speed and take your reading skills to a new level.

I need to help them earlier!

Thousands of students and more than a decade of teaching people of all ages, to increase their reading skills, has taught me one important fact. I need to be able to help them earlier - before the bad reading habits begin to be firmly set in place. When I became a grandfather last year I also began to wonder how I managed to help my two children grow up to become avid readers. What did I do right? What would I do differently - knowing what I now know - with everything I've read and learned in the past two decades since I started encouraging my own children to read more.

Years of experience - upgraded!

My own courses are built upon decades of experience - but as a life-long student myself - I've gradually upgraded the courses in tune with new data, books, reports and knowledge regarding our reading habits in general, but also on how our mind and our eyes work.

Our knowledge today in regards to the inner workings of our brain and eyes - and the way we use them while reading - has grown exponentially in later years - and new research is ongoing.

In this course I will give you my list of books that I recommend - on reading, our brain and how our eyes work.

In our weekly webinars:

  • I will introduce ways for you to kindle a passion for reading and storytelling - for each age-group. A part of our first session will be focused on tips on how we can begin our journey while expecting and how we continue after birth and during the first year.
  • In session 2 we continue for tips for children age 2 etc.
  • A part of the first few sessions will be focused on upgrading your own reading habits & knowledge about reading - and make YOU the inspiration for your child to read more!

In our weekly webinar:

  • I will also give you my reading list of books on the subject and explain why I find them helpful - in regards to the reading habits of children.
  • You will get access to a community of parents that are interested in helping their children read a lot more!
  • I will explain the 12 rules I give 10-12 year old children in my reading courses for that age-group.
  • I will also give you the 12 Reading Habits of Highly Skilled Readers.
  • plus - a lot more!


  • This is a 12 week comprehensive reading course.
  • You will have access to a weekly 45-60-minute live webinar (12 weeks)
  • You will have access to a weekly 30-minute Q&A session.
  • You will have access to new weekly segments with posts and pre-recorded videos. (Each video around 4-9 minute long)
  • You will have access to Reading Exercises in posts, PDF's and Video. Videos of these exercises - with detailed explanations - for you as a user - and as a teacher. These videos can be as long as 30-40 minutes long with explanations. You will also have access to shorter versions of these exercise videos - without all the explanations - to use with the kids.
  • + more!

You are in total control of your studies and your learning environment. You can learn how to enhance your own reading skills - when you want - where you want - and at a time that is convenient for you!

You will have access to the course 24/7 and will be able to use the videos, PDF's and various other tools - to guide a child step-by-step through a simple process to enhance their reading skills - and kindle their passion for reading.

The course is 12-week long - but you will have access to it for 12 months! You can easily repeat various segments of the course - drills and exercises - by yourself, with your spouse and your child/children (Grandchildren - Nephew/Niece - or any child that you want to help read more) - each day and enhance your own reading skills, know-how and knowledge even more.

Yes - absolutely. Around 35% of the students that attend my young classes are children with reading disabilities. It can be dyslexia, or they are just slow readers, or have attention problems, like ADD or ADHD. 

It does not matter. I have helped kids with all of these problems become voracious readers.

I am dyslexic - and I read a lot - my two children are both dyslexic - and they read a lot.

In this course - I will explain in detail how I help them.

One of the first things I ask the children in my young classes is if they like to read. 25-35% say yes - but a big majority say no!

I help them view reading in a totally different way - to change their perspective of reading.

It is rather simple - but my reading exercises that I take them through are a big part of the process.

In this course you will get access to those reading exercises - to download and use to help your children - younger siblings, grandchildren, nieces or nephews or - really any child that you know and want the best for.

Yes - absolutely. I have quite an extensive reading list that I will share in the course.

Keep in mind that to be a good reader we need to know how we read. In the last 2-3 years we have learned more about our eyes and our brain - and how our eyes and brain process the written word.

In the course you will receive a list of recommended books - and I will also be sharing any new books on the subject in e-mail and on our social forum.

Yes - absolutely. There is always at least one student in each class - that loves to read - and reads A LOT!

When you explain to them how you can assess your reading skill today - and then enhance your reading skill even further - to take your reading to the next level. They want to take the leap immediately.

In this course you will get access to exercises and step-by-step directions on how to help the children that read a lot - to read even more!

  • You will receive ALL the steps needed as a parent (grandparent, aunt, uncle, older sibling) to help a young child to read more, increase its vocabulary, train its reading skills and find the passion and joy in stories through the vast and ever-growing universe of books.
  • I will also give you all the tips on what I did as a father to ignite the passion for reading with my own children - and also what I would do differently today - knowing what I now know!
  • You will get ALL the steps that I use on my specialized courses for children age 10-12. All the exercises, tips and tricks for them to read more and gain better reading skills!
  • Do you want your child to read more? - Well - you are not the only one and you will also have access to this community on social media and in closed groups online.
  • You will also get access to a closed group on Facebook to get feedback on how the assignments are helping in real life. Here you can post questions and receive answers from me or my team - as well as other parents in the group.
  • You will also have access to  a closed community online where I will post answers (and more) to questions posted during the live webinars, on the course or on social media. 


Here you will find just a few of the testimonials of parents of children that attended my specialized reading course for 10-12-year old children.

"I decided to enroll my 10 year old daughter, that suffers from severe dyslexia, on a course with Speed Reading Simplified in the winter of 2013. She did not want to go at first but I pleaded with her to at least try for the first session. When she came home after her first session, I asked her how it was. She did not respond at first but then she asked me - with an astonishing tone of voice - why I on earth I had not enrolled her into the program much earlier. Since she attended the course she has made massive improvement in her reading and her school work is much easier for her. She enjoyed going to the course so much and has asked me to allow her to go again - to make even more improvements - as soon as possible."

- Unnur,
a very satisfied parent

"My 12-year old son did not like to read at all - no matter how I encouraged him or read with him. The only reading material he enjoyed were simple comics. Enrolling him in this reading program was one of the best investments I have ever made. Here he finally found the joy to pick up a book and read for his own enjoyment. He just finished Enid Blytons - Adventure Island - over the course of one day, and he loved it! My 11 year old grandchild that participated in the course at the same time, also has a similar story to tell. Thank you so much."

Kjartan Magnusson
a father and grandfather

"I want to extend my gratitude to you and your great course. My boy was so excited and the end of class today and letting me know in text message that he was reading 1078 words per minute when he read only 168 words per minute in the first session. He was reading six times faster in only 14 days - and what is more important - he now enjoys reading! The difference I see in him and his enthusiasm in only two weeks is unbelievable. At home today - he does nothing but read - and read- and then read some more - without me having to ask him to do some reading. Before the course I needed to stand over him to get him to read just 1-2 pages for school. Today he finished his second novel - both real books that he would never have agreed to read before the course. Thank you so much for my little man. We could not be any happier with his results and the boost to his self-confidence. Recommend your courses - 100%."

- Gudrun Solveig
A very happy mother

30-Day MONEY BACK Guarantee!

If you follow all of my instructions & just place your trust in the simple process - log in and do the work - report your progress - ask for extra help when needed - and still are not able to enhance your own reading skill or that of your child - then you will get a full refund - GUARANTEED & No Questions Asked!

12 Month - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are ready to follow the instructions and do the exercises - log in and do the work - report your progress - attend the live calls - ask for extra help when needed - you will be able to take that knowledge and help and assist the children that you love - to take their reading skills to the next level! - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

In 12 months - if you are not 100% Satisfied - then you will get a FULL refund - GUARANTEED & No Questions Asked!

1 Year Warranty - Guaranteed!

The course is a 12-week course. But you will have access to all materials for a full year from purchase date! 

*A refund through the 30-Day MONEY BACK Guarantee will void the 1 Year Warranty.


BOOKWORMS! - How to Encourage Your Child to Read & Ignite a Lifelong Passion for Reading!

A Course For Parents of Children age 13 and younger!


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