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Bad Reading Habit #1

Reading letters instead of words


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In the next video I talk about how your habit of subvocalizing every word is holding you back - and I explain why!

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Fiction - Novels

Do you mainly read fiction or novels - and want to read a lot more of them? Some of my students are reading a book - each day - and loving it!

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Do you mainly read non-fiction material or handbooks for work or hobby? Want to be able read a lot more of them - to keep up with your know-how and skills??

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Do you mainly read text books for school? Do you want to be able to read them faster - with more comprehension and focus?

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Kindle - eBooks

Is your reading material on PC or Mac, a tablet, phone or eReader? Are you using Kindle or iPad for your reading? Want to know what you can do to make your reading more efficient on your screen?

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